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Asbestos Garage Roofing Sheets?

There must be thousands of Sheds and Garages up and down the UK
with an Asbestos Garage Roof or a shed with Roofing Sheets that contain a small amount of asbestos cement.

Many of these, are now leaking
What is the safe and legal solution?

In the video opposite, —->>>
we tell the story of how

we transformed this roof:                         All in one day;                                   into this:

Asbestos Garage Roof that needs attention

Asbestos Garage Roof that leaks

Asbestos Garage Roof refurbished

Asbestos Garage Roof Overlaid with Steel Sheets


This work was carried out safely and legally





And that included adding insulation to make it a ‘Warm’ Roof

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So, What can You do with your

Asbestos Garage Roof

In the ‘Good Old Days,’ the policy was to scrape of the moss off of the sheets
and coat the roof with a bitumen treatment.

Scraping the moss off is frowned upon these days because of the risks of
disturbing asbestos fibres that may be released from the sheet

Also, by coating the top of an old Asbestos Garage Roof Sheet
you are likely to cause the sheet to curl slightly, causing more leaks

This can be understood more easily from this photo:

Asbestos Garage Roof  sheets that leaks where they are curling up

Asbestos Garage Roof sheets that leaks where they are curling up because of the coating

So, what is the best solution?

The most cost effective long term solution, is to overlay the roof with Insulation and Steel Sheets

Our system ticks all the boxes for the Health and Safety Executive and is completely safe and legal if it is done correctly

We developed the system from one that we have used extensively on Factory Roofs and is ‘normal practice’ in the industrial world

You can – See more at: This Link

You can watch the complete story here: What To Do With My Asbestos Roof

Where you will find more pictures and full details of the work

Back in the 1960’s; 1970’s and even the 1980’s it was fashionable
for roofs of out-buildings and sheds to have a covering of
corrugated roofing sheets.  This usually meant an Asbestos Roof.
This was especially popular for garage roofs.

The main reason was  an Asbestos Roof was just about
the cheapest covering that was available.
For an economic roof construction it was so easy to fit.

There were other advantages, mainly it was light weight
and the asbestos roof corrugated sheets
absorbed noise such as the rain landing on it.

The acoustic advantage was due to the roof construction and the shape
effect of the corrugated roofing sheets

Have you ever sat in a conservatory with a Polycarbonate roof and
listened to the rain?
Did it sound like “The End Of The World?”

If you sat in a shed with an asbestos roof, you would have to
hold your breath to hear the rain even in the most violent storm.

Asbestos Cement sheeting looked stark when it was new and
it soon deteriorated to become a complete eyesore

This was mainly because of the moss it encouraged to grow on it’s pourous surface.

Now in the 2010’s people don’t think about what it looks like;
they just get emotional about the word


In truth, let me put your mind at ease; the most dangerous thing about
Asbestos Roof Cement Sheeting on your Garage, is the risk of
falling through the sheets if you are foolish enough to walk on them.

For those of you who are interested in the technicalities;
the asbestos content of these sheets is generally
less than 5% and that small amount is totally bonded in cement

There cannot be any loose fibres;
if the asbestos roof sheet is not broken!

Moreover, the asbestos contained in so called asbestos roof sheets
is generally the harmless White Asbestos as opposed to the
deadly Blue and Brown varieties.

So what do you do, if you have one of these roofs now
and don’t like the idea?

Or if you have a leaking roof and are looking for roofing contractors
who specialise in roofing repairs and roof replacement

asbestos roof sheets leaking

Asbestos Roof Sheets Leaking


There are many options open to you but the best one is:

Call Mayfield Roofing Today to discuss the options open to You

Probably the most popular is to replace your asbestos roof
with modern plastic coated steel sheets
Like this:-

asbestos roof sheets replaced with plastic coated steel

Asbestos Roof Sheets Replaced With Plastic Coated Steel


If you want to keep an eye on your roofing costs, then the most cost effective solution
is to overclad it with plastic coated, galvanised steel sheets

We can even add roof insulation inside the sandwich if you wish

If you have an Asbestos roof and would like some independent advise without any obligation

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