Asbestos Garage Roof?

Here are a few of our recent solutions:

This garage was almost derelict
The old Asbestos Cement Roof Sheets were
Replaced with Heritage Green Plastisol Sheets and GRP Rooflights

Greg 1 Greg 2


This Triple Garage in The New Forest was feeling very sorry for itself
It was cold and the old Asbestos Cement Roof Sheets were cracked and leaking



Mayfield Roofing Over-Sheeted the roof and one crumbling side
With Merlin Grey Plastisol Coated Galvanised Steel Sheets
Complete with Glass Fibre Insulation to keep it warm



Ripplevale after


This ‘Special’ School near Dover in Kent
Required a ‘Special’ Roofing Treatment

The Old Classroom Block was difficult to heat due to the ageing insulation and suffered numerous leaks from the cracks in the old, brittle roof sheets often having small branches and twigs drop from the surrounding trees.

Mayfield Roofing added an Insulating Quilt before Over-Sheeting the roof with Merlin Grey Plastisol Steel Sheets.

The work was completed within the short allotted timeframe of Half-Term week by our experienced team of fitters, so that when the children returned their classrooms were warm and dry in plenty of  time for the Winter.

The owners commented “we are delighted with the service we received from Roy and his team. The quality of their work was first class and the system they advised us to have installed has enhanced our facilities greatly. 

Staff reported an immediate improvement in the temperature control of the classrooms, and the early signs are that we may also save money on the heating costs due to the increased and more efficient insulation. We would recommend Roy and his team and this roofing system whole heartedly.
(The Directors, Ripplevale School)”



For this Double Garage near Oxford we removed the
concrete coping from the front of the building

The Double Garage was Overlaid with Insulation and
Merlin Grey Plastisol Steel with Matching Flashings

 ?????????? ??????????


This Stable Block was derelict and in dire need of some TLC

Stable Block in desperate need of some TLC Stable Block Resheeted with Moorland Green Plastisol

Now as good as new with Moorland Green Plastisol Sheets


Here is another Garage Roof feeling sorry for itself
originally roofed with bituminous corrugated sheets
They could not take the weight of water in recent storms

IMG_4679 IMG_4721

Now much happier with its new Moorland Green Plastisol Sheets
and Glass Fiber Insulation to keep it Warm and Dry


This is Olive Green Sheeting on a Building
we resheeted about 5 years ago


This roof was gaping at its seams before we covered it with
Goosewing Grey Plastisol Galvanized steel and the Flat Roof
was sealed with The ClassicBond EPDM Premium Membrane

 Judi z1 Judi z2


These images are from a recent project at one of
Worcestershire’s Finest Stately Homes; the 8 car Garage Roof was
Over-Sheeted with Merlin Grey Plastisol Galvanised Steel Sheets

Hagley 1 Hagley 2 Hagley 4 Hagley 6


This is a Block of 6 Garages in Bournemouth were leaking

??????????   b2

All Dry Now; Over-Sheeted with Merlin Grey Plastisol Galvanised Steel Sheets

?????????? a2


This Semi-Detached Pair of Garages in Redditch were Leaking

All Dry now, after we Removed the Brick Coping, Insulated and
Over-Sheeted the Roof with Slate Blue Polyester Coated Galvanised Steel

A_0263 B 707 C 804 IMG_0267 IMG_0270 IMG_1054


Another Block of 6 Garages in Stratford-Upon-Avon
The old Asbestos Cement Sheets were Replaced with
Goosewing Grey Plastisol Galvanised Steel Sheets

Mulbury1 Mulbury2


New Doors Enhance the Appearance of this Garage Over-Sheeted with Merlin Grey Plastisol

2014-08-31_1419 IMG_0585a


These are the standard colours of Plastisol coated galvanised Steel Sheets


The most popular colours are Merlin Grey and Goose Wing Grey
They have the shortest delivery times

There is a small surcharge for the Premium Colours

Alternative Repair to Asbestos Cement Sheets

To repair a small area of a large roof, we can carry out local repairs
with matching profiled GRP Sheets

As shown here on a factory roof in Warwickshire


Profiled GRP sheets fixed over roof leaks